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Sonali is born on 29th July 1986, she always wanted to become the finest abstract artist. She has made its name renowned in the art by designing the eye-appealing sculpture that enhances the value of the space. She is always curious to build the sculptures based on the modern designing process. Her hands are good in roman sculpture paintings, mural sculptures, outdoor statues, and other famous modern sculptures.

She has failed to express her ideas and concepts in the designing process. She aims to bring creative ideas into designing that inspire people. It goes without saying that since she started her sculpture designing business she has got a huge acceptance in the market due to his hard artwork. There are so many sculpture designers in the market, but she is the only one who can sculpture ancient and modern models with the same feeling of art. Her sculptures are inspiring new artists to join this work and make their names proud. When she sculpturing any model she devoted herself in the work to craft a piece that goes beyond your expectations.

After pursuing education, she rediscovered her childhood dream of art, by making sculptures for the homes and gardens. It aims to be a gateway into the world of art that has the importance of figurative figures, historical figures and so forth. Now, she has the finest collections of the sculptures that enhance the value of any space. She is such a positive inspiration for the new artists.

One of the prominent things that take her out of the crowd is that she is an artist dealing with feminism. With her work, she addressed the questions about female identity that is a very tough job express in relation to art. So, if you want to know about more Sonali artwork then you should visit her portfolio section and see how remarkably she has represented her artwork.

There is always something new to discover
She is often fabricating new works and is always welcoming to observers. She is a professional figurative and portrait sculptress with 21 years experience. Sculpting Fine Art and commercially for films and life forms exhibits. She creates graceful motion in her art and beautiful handwork in clay bases makes each piece unrepeatable.

She expresses her ideas and concepts with the technically confident skill of a master sculptor. Her sculptures give a space dignity as well as adventures in art.

Her art committed to promoting the enjoyment and appreciation of art, educational experiences and connections with the community.

Glimpses of work
Sculpture has played a major role in the evolution of Indian culture. She created a new way of building her works. She uses the classical method of sculpting a protrail. Her creations capture the soul of the moment.

Her sculpture supports our creating and sustaining large, positive change and achieving a thriving future for all forever.

It is art because it is beautiful.

Sculpture is a form of art expressing itself into a three dimensional object. The art that teaches the importance of devoting time to learning and mastering something you love.

"art house by sonalli" is a home to one of the finest collections of modern and contemporary sculptures suitable for both the interior home and outdoor spaces and are available in numerous types and colours.

Her interest in nature.
Her interest in nature is so evidently reflected in her figurative work. She explores specific, economic, aesthetic and cultural situations through her work. She rediscovered her childhood love of art.

After completing education, she rediscovered her childhood love of art and providing fibre sculpture, private and public art pieces, portrait for homes and gardens.

It aims to be a gateway into further investigation about lifelike materials, anatomy and enjoyment of the arts.

As an artist dealing with feminism.
As an artist dealing with feminist politics and self-image, she addressed questions about female identity in relation to art, Indian culture and feminist movements at the time. Her art covering sculptures of big lady, shepherded women, women from rural life, mermaid, baby larkin and many more made from different materials and mix media.


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