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Welcome to Sonalli's
Secret Art House

Glimpses of work

Sonali's Secret Art House contribute to putting India on the map with her amazing artwork. She is one of the finest clay modeling artists who can sculpt, design and build your desired moodscape to produce the exact sculpture that perfectly matches your expectations. Sonali wants to share and educate the importance of sculpture to the public and design sculpture that is meaning to an environment.

  • Figurative Sculptures

    mural artist

    Sonali is a talented figurative artist whose primary mediums are the clay, bronze sculpture, and drawing. She excels at expressing the character and vitality of the subjects while designing accurate likeness. Her stand-alone pieces use the human figure to explore notions of idealism- and human emotions.

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  • Likeness Figures

    clay modeling artist

    Sonali has always impressed her clients with his jaw-dropping likness figures. By sharing unique sculptures she recognized as one of the prominent contemporary sculpture artists.

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  • Historical Figures

    ancient roman sculpture

    Sculpturing the models of real heroes is a proud moment in itself. Sonali gives her best to create high-value historical figures that create a higher value ambiance. The way she represents her models in an impactful manner no one can do.

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  • Murals

    ancient roman statue

    Sonali designs the mural paintings that not only stand out of the crowd but also get the huge attention of the crowd. When it comes to designing the murals she thinks out of the box bring into reality.

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Shortly about me

traditional sculptures artist
Sonalli Waarang
is an Indian artist, portraitist, sculptress & inventor. She is specialized in Figurative Sculptures, Likeness Figures, Clay Modelling, Murals, Ancient Roman Sculptures, Traditional Sculptures, Historical Figures, Religious Art, Contemporary Art, Modern Sculptures, Kinetic Art, Abstract Art, Delicate Sculptures, Monumental Sculptures, Garden Sculptures, Decorative Forms, outdoor public work, installations and her colourful works.Read More

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